Finally my research gets recognized. From the recent issue of the Journal of Screenwriting:

„Claus Tieber, author of two German-language studies of American screenwriting that deserve to be known to a much wider audience.

His new article therefore provides an excellent introduction to his work.“

Stephen Price

„Tom Stempel, Claudia Sternberg and Claus Tieber who were early advocates of the study of the screenplay.“

Jill Nelmes

„In the early 2000s, I was contacted by e-mail by Claus Tieber, an Austrian film historian from the university of Vienna with an interest in the history of screenwriting. He was at the time researching what became his first book, Schreiben für Hollywood: Das Drehbuch im Studiosystem (Tieber 2008). His interest was to get into certain areas of screenwriting history in more depth than I did in FrameWork, something I always encourage. He made several visits to Los Angeles for research and we discussed what he found, which did include some things that contradicted what I said in FrameWork. His book is a series of case studies on writers (Frances Marion, Ben Hecht) and studios (MGM, Twentieth Century-Fox). It was published in German in 2008, and was followed in 2011 by his book on screenwriting in the silent era Stummfilmdramaturgie: Erzählweisen des amerikanischen Feature Films 1917-1927. (Tieber 2011)“

Tom Stempel