NECS Conference Lund 2009,
25. – 28. 6. 2009

`Hollywood` is ideologically and culturally arguably the world’s most influential global industry.

As that industry has rhetorically positioned itself as only
`entertainment`, so, since the 1920s, the work of its writers and their
unions has been cast as marginalised features of its industrial process.

However, the Hollywood writer’s strike of 2008 confounded this
assumption, highlighting as it did that the mutli-billion dollar enterprise relies
on a sequential pipeline that still starts with a pen, pencil or keyboard.

Similarly, this panel seeks to centre stage the screenwriting process –
as it has impacted on traditional formats of film and television, and now
in contemporary New Digital Media.

We therefore call upon members to submit proposals that will address one
or any combination of the following:

– narration and storytelling – broader concepts
– principles of dramaturgy
– from script to screen – the interpretative process
– differences in screenwriting – Hollywood, Europe and World Cinema
– changing production & style across film, TV and Internet
– the significance of the adaptation
– corporate writing – training videos, viral marketing

– emigration histories
– history of screenwriting
– the screenwriter as auteur
– multiple authorships/teams
– the Writer’s Unions: histories, influences, lobbying

– 1920s books – 1990s gurus: teaching and learning the craft
– screenwriting as short cut to media literacy for citizenship
– screenwriting as multidisciplinary skill in education

Please submit a 250 word abstract, a brief bibliography, and a short bio until January 25, 2009
to Claus Tieber: & Alan Taylor: